Assisted Living Food Costs

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Older adults are more likely to develop poor nutrition than their younger counterparts. This occurs for reasons ranging from a lack of transportation to the grocery store to health conditions that make preparing healthy meals difficult. And it’s no secret that buying healthy foods at the local grocery store is often more expensive than so called “junk foods.”

For adults who are struggling to maintain a healthy diet, there are a variety of potential solutions.

Elderly Nutrition Programs in Local Communities                            

Most local communities have elderly nutrition programs. Fees are typically assessed on a sliding scale based on a senior’s income and ability to pay. These programs range from mobile meals to senior center lunches.

A few resources to help you connect with a program near you or your senior loved one are:

And another cost-effective answer to senior nutrition is a move to an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Food Costs

Many families think an assisted living community is more expensive for an older adult than choosing to remain at home. But when you add up all of the expenses included in the monthly fee, you can begin to see what a smart financial choice it is.

One such benefit is well-balanced, restaurant-style meals served to residents in the dining room.

There is a popular and persistent myth that the food in a senior living community is boring and bland. Nothing could be further from the truth. Especially for residents who call Elmcroft Senior Living home.

Residents have many options of chef-prepared meals to choose from each day. Popular choices include:

  • Breakfast: Whether you like a hearty breakfast of pancakes eggs or French toast and sausage, the day gets off to a healthy start. Cinnamon peach and blueberry muffins are resident favorites.
  • Lunch: A light lunch of a turkey wrap, cottage cheese and fruit plate or soup and salad might hit the spot. Or a resident and their visiting loved ones might prefer something more substantial such as a turkey reuben or bratwurst.
  • Supper: Dinner is a social event to enjoy at Elmcroft Senior Living. Sample evening meal menus range from BBQ ribs to Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Salmon Croquet with Lime Sauce.
  • Dessert: An important part of assisted living food choices is dessert! A few of the options residents have to choose from include Key Lime Pie, Creamy Orange Cake, Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake and Chocolate Cobbler Cake.

Join Us for a Meal and Private Tour

If you and a senior you love are beginning to explore assisted living, the teams at our local Elmcroft Senior Living communities encourage you to call us. We can schedule a private tour at your convenience and would love it if you stay for lunch or dinner with our residents!