How Assisted Living Communities Inspire Seniors to Get Involved

Group of seniors playing pool in a retirement home. 12/30/2016

While aging in place has become a popular buzz phrase in the senior care industry, staying at home alone might not be the best option for older adults.

Researchers have discovered a link between isolation in older adults and health risks ranging from obesity and diabetes to depression and cardiovascular disease.

Seniors who are able to stay connected and engaged with their community typically live longer and healthier lives.

Benefits of Active Senior Living Communities

Here are a few of the benefits adults who chose to move to a senior living community enjoy:

  • Supportive living environment. Elmcroft Senior Living communities are dedicated to providing just the right amount of support to allow a resident to remain safely independent. From 24/7 caregiver support to a physical plant designed to support safety and prevent falls, older adults can live their best life.
  • Neighbors to share the journey. Aging brings unique challenges. Having peers close by who are experiencing similar highs and lows can make seniors feel less alone. The informal gatherings that happen in active senior living communities provide older adults an opportunity to add to their circle of friends.
  • Healthy and tasty meals. Well-balanced, nutritious meals are another advantage of moving to a senior living community. Seniors who live alone often avoid cooking and suffer from less than optimal nutrition. It puts them at greater risk for falls and other health conditions. Good nutrition gives each of us more energy to stay positive and engaged with life.
  • Freedom from home ownership burdens. Let’s face it, owning a home or condo takes work. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance, lawn care, and snow removal can be a real hassle. And it’s often quite stressful. In a senior living community, these chores all are done for you!

Inspiring Seniors to Get Involved

Elmcroft Senior Living encourages seniors to become involved in the wellness and life enrichment activities that occur every day in our communities. Activities for seniors who choose one of our communities to call home include:

  • Bible study and devotionals
  • A night at the movies
  • Outings to local restaurants and shopping centers
  • Morning stretch exercise program
  • Craft groups
  • Sunday Social Hour
  • Wii game nights
  • On-site religious services
  • Manicures
  • Games and card parties
  • Miniature golf
  • Ladies’ tea
  • Current events
  • Resident Council

And yes, even Bingo!

Join the Fun at Elmcroft Senior Living

If you or an older adult you love are considering moving to a senior living community, we’d love to have you join us for a tour and an activity of your choice! It’s the best way to see what life at one of our communities is really like. Call the Elmcroft Senior Living community nearest you to learn more.