Associate Spotlight - Delicia Dunn

Delicia Dunn, Director of Nursing

Delicia joined the Elmcroft team almost seven years ago as the Director of Nursing for Rockford Manor. She was looking for a change and several friends who worked for the company recommended she consider Elmcroft for the next step in her career. Delicia knows she made the right decision.

The Rewards of Working with Older Adults

“Very rewarding” is how Delicia describes her role with Elmcroft. A part of her job that she especially enjoys is helping residents transition to their new home. Many come to Elmcroft amid a personal health crisis or tragedy such as the loss of a spouse. Most new residents are anxious and uncertain, as are their families. As they learn to trust the team at Rockford Manor, the residents begin to engage with staff and fellow residents and take part in daily life enrichment activities.

Delicia knows residents benefit physically and emotionally from being a part of the Elmcroft community. As residents settle in to their new home, Delicia says the relief their adult children feel is visible on their faces. The peace of mind that comes from knowing they can trust their family member with team at Rockford Manor helps adult children relax and enjoy their own lives.

A Day in the Life of a Director of Nursing

As you would imagine, every day is different for a Director of Nursing. In the morning, Delicia may be part of a team conference to discuss a care plan for a resident with complex needs and in the afternoon attend a discharge planning meeting to ensure a senior makes a safe return home.

>While some aspects of her job change each day, others remain the same. She is constantly interacting with residents, their families, physicians and other health care professionals who are at the community that day.

>Because nursing is the largest department in the community, a Director of Nursing assumes a big responsibility. The systems and tools that Elmcroft has in place make those responsibilities easier to manage. From quality assurance to interdisciplinary team standards, Delicia says Elmcroft stays on the cutting edge of innovation.


If you ask Delicia why someone should consider a nursing career with Elmcroft over a hospital or another senior living center, she will tell you to “Come see Elmcroft for yourself.” You will see residents and nurses who have time to build relationships with one another. You will also meet team members who have worked their way up with the company. And you will witness the company’s commitment to maintaining quality care in a caring environment.

Our Mission

Elmcroft Senior Living is dedicated to enriching the lives of the individuals who live and work with us by repsonding to the unique needs and unviversal desire for dignity and respect.