Elmcroft of Florence KY

"88% of residents and family members
surveyed would recommend Elmcroft"

Elmcroft of Florence is located in Florence, Kentucky. The second largest city in Northern Kentucky and one of the fastest-growing communities in the state, Florence offers fun and entertainment in the form of baseball, golf and horseracing for residents and visitors alike.

Here's to life.
Signature Programs

Vitality Club

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Walking Tall

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Heartland Village

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Second Wind Dreams®

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Respite Care

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Dining Options

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Rates for Accommodations

  • Alcove
    464 sq. ft.
    $103 / base daily rate
    floor plan for Alcove
  • One Bedroom
    586 sq. ft.
    $122 / base daily rate
    floor plan for One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom
    839 sq. ft.
    $148 / base daily rate
    floor plan for Two Bedroom
  • Studio
    310 sq. ft.
    $147 / base daily rate
    floor plan for Studio

At Elmcroft each resident's rate will depend on several factors; the size of the apartment, whether living alone or in a shared suite, and the level of care determined by our assessment tool. The assessment takes into account the physical, social and cognitive needs of each individual and allows the community team to develop a customized service plan for each resident. These customized service plans drive our staffing model and ensures that we are prepared to meet the needs of each resident.

*Rates subject to change.