Elmcroft of Arlington Resident Turns 105!

Elmcroft of Arlington senior living resident Beatrice Byrum turns 105 years old 05/25/2015

Arlington, TX – May 20, 2015 – – Elmcroft of Arlington resident Beatrice Byrum turns 105 on May 27. Bea was born on May 27, 1910 in Portales, New Mexico.  She and her family moved to Oklahoma when she was very young, travelling in a covered wagon. 

She attended University of Oklahoma at the age of 16.  Due to the depression, she had to return home before graduating. Bea started working at a very early age – working for her father.  But, deciding she wanted to be paid for her work, she went to work for Woolworths.  She was only 14 years old at the time, but told them she was 16!

She and her husband, T.P. Byrum were married on November 08, 1931.  He saw Bea walking down the street one day. T.P. went home and told his mother that he had seen a pretty red head girl and she was the one he would marry.  At that time, he did not even know her name and she was engaged to someone else!  T.P. & his cousin were in a car one day and saw Bea.  T.P.’s cousin knew her from college so they stopped and Bea & T.P were introduced. As the family says, “the rest is history!”

Bea is very, very family oriented. Bea and T.P. Byrum has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, 6 Great-grandchildren and 3.5 Great-Great-Grandchildren! With her husband of 48 years, she says she “lived a life of Love!”  Her favorite things in life are God, Family, Christmas, Summer-Time, Fox News, and don’t dare leave out Breakfast at McDonalds consisting of sausage biscuit!

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