At Elmcroft we understand the decision to place yourself or your loved one in another’s care is a complex one; there are many factors to consider. We would like to be a senior care resource to help you make the decision that is best for you and your family based on your specific needs and wants. We have assembled some resources for senior living below to help, but we encourage you to reach out to one of our communities for assistance as well.

When It’s Time

What are the signs that a move to a senior living community might be a good option?

  • Mobility issues – difficulty with daily activities or frequent falls and other safety concerns
  • Memory loss – misplacing items or wandering away from home
  • Medication concerns – forgetting to take medications as prescribed
  • Lack of socialization – not interacting as usual; untidy surroundings and poor personal hygiene
  • Fear and depression – unwilling to seek medical help or assistance; withdrawal from others
  • Lack of appetite – not receiving proper nutrition throughout the day

If you or your family member are experiencing any of these signs the move to a senior living community may in fact be a very good option. Whether a long-term or short-term stay, seniors often improve through socialization, regular diet and medication management, as well as relieving the burden they often feel they have placed on their family. You are free to resume your relationship and enjoy the company of your loved one without the worry of providing for their needs.

Choosing the Right Community

You should take the time to visit the senior living communities you are interested in to see which will be the best fit for you. Each visit is an opportunity to get to know the community and staff better.

The Assisted Living Federation of America has developed an evaluation tool to help you get all the answers you are looking for before you choose the community that’s right for you.

View Evaluation Checklist Senior Living Resource

Financial Considerations

How will you cover the cost of a senior living community? This is a concern for many families. Follow the link below to view the financial options available to seniors and their families

View Financial Guidance Senior Living Resources

Making a Successful Transition

We understand that you, just like your loved one, are going through a life-changing transition. Our goal is to make that process as comfortable as possible – for both of you.

You will have more quality time with your loved one because our caregivers are doing their day-to-day physical care. And you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is getting 24-hour care and you can focus on your own health needs.

  • It will take you and your loved one time to adjust, but remember why you chose to make the move to a senior living community.
  • Give your relationship time to adjust. You are still an important part of your loved one’s life.
  • Take care of yourself. Allow time for physical exercise, rest and play. Nurture yourself.
  • Reconnect with friends; surround yourself with supportive people.

Making the decision to surround your loved one with trained professionals who can meet their needs is a selfless act. It is important that you understand you will still be involved in medication and level of care concerns and that no one lights up your loved one’s life like you, so visit often and cherish those moments.

Here's to life.