At Elmcroft, we try to make each meal special, whether it’s giving the best service, creating the perfect atmosphere or preparing great food. And what’s great about us is that we know that personal taste is just as important as nutrition. That’s why we offer a variety of healthy, flavorful meal options for you to choose from. We’re all about choices here. So, if you don’t like lima beans, we won’t make you eat them.

View a sample senior living menu to catch a whiff of what we have to offer.

Worried about the food? Don’t be. At Elmcroft, our residents enjoy a unique dining experience where original culinary creations, along with traditional dishes, provide a variety of meal options. Our senior and assisted living menu is specially prepared to present you with, not only healthy, but great tasting meals. And here, you have choices. We’ll listen to your food preferences and even accommodate special diets and other restrictions (like your allergy to peanuts), because we care about you and want you to enjoy what you eat.

Our commitment to your dining experience reflects the care we take in making sure every aspect of your day is exceptional. We believe dining should be an event, not just a necessity, and that the social aspect of dining is an important part of each meal. That’s why we’ve created the following programs to make Elmcroft dining special.

Port of Call

Part of the Vitality Club, this dining experience allows you to savor culinary delights from around the world, as well as intriguing locations closer to home.

Chef’s Challenge

This company-wide contest challenges everyone to submit special recipes, to be taste-tested and judged by residents and then (if they pass your inspection) incorporated into our menus.

Theme Parties

Each month there’s a focus on celebrating different kinds of food. From fresh veggies to apple pie, assisted living food never gets boring at Elmcroft.

Good friends, good food and excellent service create a truly enjoyable dining experience at Elmcroft.