Independent Living

Picture a life where all of your chores are done for you, and you’re free to enjoy yourself any way you like. That’s what life is like at Elmcroft. Feel like a walk in the garden or some time out on the town? It’s all up to you. You can stay out all day and only come in for dinner, just like when you were a kid. And the best part is, no one’s going to tell you to make your bed first.

The Independent Living Communities of Elmcroft provide a comfortable setting where residents can celebrate their accomplishments, meet new friends and continue experiencing life’s precious moments, all at their own pace.

Free from the upkeep of a home, Elmcroft residents have more time to enjoy the things they love. Each resident has the freedom to choose his or her own agenda and activities each day while feeling secure in knowing that someone is always there to provide support should they need it.

Remember, no request is too small at Elmcroft. Personalized attention from a compassionate and tenured staff: that’s the hallmark of our care. Where developing close relationships with residents is not only what we do so we can anticipate their emotional and physical needs, but also what we enjoy.

Here's to life.