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Moving To A Retirement Community

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Moving To A Retirement Community
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Moving To A Retirement Community

March 21, 2014

Deciding to move comes with a number of responsibilities that must be completed if a person wants to be prepared for a new home and ready to leave an old one. For seniors planning to move into retirement living, this is no less true.

Completing all of the necessary tasks may require some help from family and friends, however, particularly when mental or physical abilities have started to decline. Adult children and friends can help make the process of moving to a retirement home as smooth as possible by creating a checklist of items to share with seniors, keeping them in the loop and on top of their move.

Couple holding moving boxes Here’s a quick guideline of items to consider when helping a loved one prepare for his or her transition to a new retirement community:

Sell an existing house or apartment
If your loved one owns the home in which they’re currently living, they should look into finding a realtor or agency that can handle the sale. Putting this responsibility in the hands of a professional is an easy way to check this item off the list – however, you still want to be sure to shop around so you know you’re getting a good deal.

Find a moving company
Like selling the house, packing and moving belongings is a task that will require extra hands. While it may be simple enough to find boxes and other packing materials, when it comes to transporting the packages to an assisted living community, it might be easiest to let a seasoned moving company take that responsibility. Check for reliability, price and mover’s insurance before making a choice.

Change address information
You might be surprised by how many organizations need or want to know about your loved one’s updated contact information. Of course it’s important to clarify with vital resources such as insurance, banking and health care providers, but don’t forget about non-necessities as well. If your family member is signed up for periodicals or newspapers and want to continue delivery, they’ll also need to be updated on the new address.

Plan for excess items
It can be tempting for seniors to bring everything from their old home with them to a retirement community. Keep in mind, however, that space may be more limited than what they’re used to. If you find your loved one has more belongings than will be reasonable for the new space, consider hosting an estate or garage sale, auction or donating some items to charity.

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