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Mother's Day Gifts for Elderly Mom

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Mother's Day Gifts for Elderly Mom

Mother's Day Gifts for Elderly Mom

May 06, 2014

Mother’s Day may be a bit different than previous years if Mom is a memory care resident in Alzheimer care or a dementia care facility, but it can still be joyous as ever.  Whether you’re able to take her out for the afternoon or planning to spend time at the care center, being together is what matters. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Mother’s Day gifts and activity ideas for your elderly mom.

For a Mother’s Day activity, it might be fun to take your mom to a movie or a play. However, don’t plan too ambitiously.  Consider how much energy she’ll have to maintain throughout the day while organizing the agenda.  She may want to simply go to your house for a home-cooked meal or visit her favorite public park.  Alternatively, you could surprise her with lunch at her favorite restaurant.

Senior Mother with her Adult Child Daughter
If spending an afternoon away from the memory care facility isn’t feasible for your mother, don’t worry. Bringing a Mother’s Day gift for your elderly mom can be just as valuable as a day out. One way to make her day is by bringing some of her favorite treats. They can be anything from a strawberry milkshake to a box of Charleston Chews to an order of McDonald’s French fries. If possible, take her outside or to a relaxing room in the facility while she enjoys.

Anything involving photos of the people she loves is a wonderful gift for mom. Frame a picture of you together from when you were young or make a scrapbook of family memories. Another Mother’s Day idea suggestion from is compiling a video of family members saying hello or singing a song for her. A colorful flower arrangement for her bedside table would add happiness to her living space as well as her day.

If you have a Mother’s Day idea for something you want to do for your mom, but you aren’t sure it’s workable, talk to the staff at her memory care facility and they will be more than happy to help you plan.

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