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Things to Do With Grandparents

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Things to Do With Grandparents

Things to Do With Grandparents

October 04, 2014

A senior living community might be a little overwhelming the first few times a grandchild comes to visit. There are a lot of unfamiliar seniors, many of whom are usually very interested in learning who young visitors are. The space restrictions can present another hurdle when trying to do fun grandparent activities with grandkids.

When a senior grandparent moves from a private home with a yard to a smaller space in an assisted living community, adult children may try to keep the younger generation quiet and encourage them to sit still. It isn’t exactly the perfect recipe for a fun outing.

Grandpa with grandson

Meaningful Intergenerational Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids

Finding meaningful ways to spend time with your grandchildren when your home is an apartment or suite in an assisted living community might seem challenging. It is especially true if you want to make the visits a routine part of your week.

Just what can seniors do when their grandkids come to visit at an independent or assisted living community?

We’ve pulled together a list of things to do with grandparents and grandkids:

  • Have a bird feeder outside your window that you fill together. You can also take photos of the feathered friends that stop in to share with your grandchildren when they visit next.
  • Keep a small basket of games, puzzles and coloring books you save for their visits.
  • Buy a popular children’s book and read one chapter together each time they visit.
  • Have a movie night complete with popcorn and candy.
  • Enlist other residents to help you put together a scavenger hunt throughout the common areas of the community.
  • Invite a fellow resident or two to join you in a game of Old Maid or Go Fish.
  • Buy easy-to-complete craft kits or painting sets from your local hobby store.
  • Give each other moisturizing hand treatments and manicures.
  • Purchase an inexpensive karaoke machine and sing together.
  • With permission, take photos of the community and your fellow residents and create a scrapbook.
  • Bake cookies together and share them with your assisted living neighbors. You can even use the cookies to host a tea party!
  • On a nice day, head outside and blow bubbles.
  • Create a video of your family’s history.
  • Go for a nature walk around the community and take pictures.
  • Play dress up and take photos of each look.
  • Have a monthly themed night for their visit. Maybe it’s a luau one month and Kentucky Derby night the next. Invite a few of your fellow residents to join you.

For more ideas on games, activities and crafts your family can enjoy across the generations, visit the American Grandparents Association online.

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