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Short Term Respite Care for Injury

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Short Term Respite Care for Injury
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Short Term Respite Care for Injury

April 22, 2015

Following a surgery or injury, seniors may require extra help taking care of their day-to-day needs. One option that many older adults and their families may not be aware of is the choice to make a short-term stay in senior assisted living or short term respite care. Such communities are not only optimized for providing physical care, but also ease the responsibility of other daily tasks so that adults can be back on their feet in no time.

senior getting help walking from adult daughter Assisted living communities often provide a variety of types of rehabilitation care depending on seniors’ condition and requirements. Physical therapy, for instance, focuses on restoring capacity to muscles, tendons and bones, as well as neuromuscular issues that have an impact on mobility. Such techniques are often employed following a surgery or injury that limits a person’s range of motion or speed of movement. Occupational therapy, on the other hand, aims to help people regain their capacity for completing daily life skills, such as eating, dressing, bathing and home management. A third type of rehabilitation offered in senior assisted living is speech therapy. Working with a professional speech therapist, older adults can improve their ability to speak and comprehend language, swallowing and communicating non-verbally.

Individuals seeking rehabilitation for themselves or a loved one following an injury or surgical procedure can look into senior assisted living with short term respite care, and consider how such communities could help facilitate a complete recovery. Not only are staff on hand to take care of their physical and mental needs, but individual apartments offer patients the privacy and comfort of home, plus perks such as housekeeping and utilities. This helps seniors maintain their independence while they work back toward full health.


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