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Trips for Seniors: Day Trip Ideas

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Trips for Seniors: Day Trip Ideas
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Trips for Seniors: Day Trip Ideas

August 22, 2015

You and your senior loved ones could benefit from taking a quick trip on a nice day. Summer is the best time to get out and enjoy the fresh air with the people you love most. Here are some easy, short trips for seniors that are sure to excite your loved one and keep you both in good spirits.

Spend the afternoon at a museum
Even if you’ve already been there before, a museum is a great way to keep mentally and physically active for a few hours. You can walk through the exhibits slowly and sit down when you’re tired without inconveniencing anyone. The learning aspect of it also helps seniors cognitive function, according to the American Psychological Association. This kind of mental exercise you receive from this senior citizen day trip may keep your brain sharp and help improve thinking skills. Many museums offer reduced prices for adults over the age of 65, so check the website of the closest museum in your community for pricing information.

two baby boomers laughing outsideGo on a dessert tasting
Spend the morning walking around your town and sampling sweets from nearby bakeries and delis. Not only will you get in some good, leisurely exercise, but you’ll also get to reward yourselves with tasty treats. If your loved one is diabetic or if neither of you particularly likes sweets, try a similar activity with a different food, like pizza. Even if you’ve already tried all of the shops in the area, it could be a fun activity to remind yourselves of your favorite places.

People watch at the park

On a nice day, try exploring a nearby park and take a rest when either of you gets tired. Just sitting on a bench and enjoying your surroundings can boost your mood, noted Harvard University. Strike up conversation with fellow park goers, or people watch. After all, sometimes the best form of entertainment is other people.

Bring the fun there

If your senior loved one is unable to leave his or her assisted care community, you can always just bring the activities there. Rather than visiting by yourself for a few hours, bring some other family members and friends that you know he or she would love to see. Have each of them bring a favorite food and set up a picnic outside of the building. The time spent socializing with a group of friends and family will remind your loved one of all of the people who care about him or her.

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