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Benefits of Dementia Care

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Benefits of Dementia Care
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Benefits of Dementia Care

December 22, 2015

Living independently is ideal for most aging seniors. However, once they begin to need assistance with daily activities like getting dressed, it’s important that they receive proper support. Many seniors don’t have family or friends living nearby that are able to provide them with the full-time care they require.

Although an assisted living facility is a good idea for any senior who can no longer live independently, if your loved one has developed dementia and needs added care and attention that you’re unable to provide, ensuring that he or she is in good hands at a reputable dementia care home is of the utmost importance. If you’re on the fence as to whether a dementia care community is right for your relative, remember these benefits of dementia care facilities.

Adult Daughter with Senior Mother There are many different types
According to the Alzheimer’s Association, dementia care homes come in a variety of forms. There are apartment-style communities that house multiple seniors experiencing memory loss in one designated portion of a larger care facility building. This encourages social interaction and makes receiving support easier and more convenient.

There are also more secluded Alzheimer’s care communities that work to accommodate all of its residents’ needs separate from other seniors in the facility. These have their advantages as well, as dementia patients are easily overwhelmed and confused, so it’s often true that the quieter and less crowded an area is, the better.

Caregivers are trained to meet specific needs
In Alzheimer’s care communities, there are caregivers that were trained specifically to support seniors with dementia. According to, most older adults move to a dementia care facility once they get to the stages of the condition that include combativeness, severe mood swings and wandering. Therefore, the caregivers you entrust your loved one to should be equipped with sufficient expertise to handle these symptoms of memory loss.

Although you can eventually become comfortable with caring for your aging family member when he or she starts to show drastic behavioral changes, it’s best to have someone who’s been trained specifically to handle such changes care for him or her.

You’ll have some weight taken off your shoulders
After a while, caring for someone with these age-related conditions can start to weigh heavily on you. You’ll be able to invest more energy into being there for your loved one if you visit him or her in a healthy state of mind instead of becoming frustrated every day because you don’t know how to properly handle his or her sudden outbursts or bouts of depression.

The Alzheimer’s Association pointed out that the time and stress involved in caring for a dementia patient at home can make it difficult to maintain patience and a kind, loving attitude toward your loved one. Avoid this guilt and let a trained professional take care of him or her. When you do your daily visit, you’ll be refreshed and focused on giving your relative the tender care and attention he or she deserves.

They offer security that a traditional home can’t
The National Health Services pointed out that dementia care homes provide residents with 24/7 security that he or she won’t receive at home. If your family member is prone to wandering, the caregivers are always there to make sure he or she never gets lost. Since it’s not uncommon for seniors to fall or trip, it’s also important that they have someone with them at all times for help if needed.

At Elmcroft, our mission is to enrich the lives of those who live and work with us by responding to their unique needs and universal desire for dignity and respect. Come visit one of our long-term or dementia care facilities, or contact us to see how we can help.

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