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Aids for Arthritis

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Aids for Arthritis
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Aids for Arthritis

September 21, 2015

Your arthritis symptoms can add a painful level of difficulty to some of the simplest tasks. You may find yourself avoiding certain activities because you don’t want to deal with the pain, but you don’t have to change your plans because of your condition. Tweaking your routine could make all the difference in the management of arthritis. Many tools and aids have been invented specifically for people with arthritis so they can get back to their everyday lives without worrying about discomfort.

Woman with join pain Household Aids for Arthritis: Enhanced Door Knobs
If turning a door knob gives you pain, there are aids for arthritis hands available that require less effort to open and shut a door with a conventional handle. They’re inexpensive and can easily be installed on the door handles at your assisted care community. One option is a rubber shield that covers the knob and provides levers at each side that require a light touch to move, eliminating the need for a twisting motion that could cause pain. While it may seem like a small tweak to a person’s routine, it can make a huge improvement in the life of someone with arthritis.

Kitchen Aid for Arthritis: Automatic Jar Opener
Twisting a stubborn cap off of a jar can be extremely uncomfortable when you have arthritis, and thankfully, there are household aids for arthritis sufferers to help with that. While there are certain tricks to opening a jar that involve tapping the cap on the table and using something rubber-based to grip the top, they still may result in pain. An automatic jar opener may be a good investment if you never want to ask for help with a jar ever again, noted Everyday Health. In a few small steps, you can have the machine twist off even the most stubborn caps.

Household Aids for Arthritis: Helpful Cushions
If getting up out of your seat causes substantial pain and discomfort, use a cushion for help. Place it underneath you when sitting down to alleviate some of the pressure on your back. A little added support goes a long way. And if you need help getting in and out of the car, a cushion that’s beaded will help guide you, noted the website Health Monitor.

Dressing aids
When getting dressed is difficult because of your arthritis, it can be frustrating. For example, you may experience pain when twisting your fingers to secure a button on your shirt. There are products available to help with this issue, or you can try making one yourself with a safety pin, which you probably already have laying around your house. Keep the pin closed and slide it through the slit, pulling the button through as you bring it back.

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