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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Seniors
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

May 01, 2016

What can we do to show our appreciation to the amazing woman who has done so much for us?

Three generations of women smiling at camera
This is a question team members at Elmcroft Senior Living communities often receive this time of year. Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a little more challenging when an older mother seems to have everything.

To help give you a few ideas, our team members pulled together a few suggestions that might help you make this year’s Mother’s Day celebration especially meaningful.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for an Older Mother

Here are a few ideas:
  • Pamper Her. Treat your mother to a relaxing trip to the spa or salon.  Better yet, go with her and enjoy the experience together.  A pampering manicure, pedicure or a new hairstyle will make her feel pretty and provide her with a chance to be the center of attention.
  • Family Photos. Pull together favorite family photos – current ones and those from older days. Use them to create a digital family photo journal she can enjoy over and over.
  • Lend a Hand. Keeping up a home can be overwhelming for a senior.  Ask if you can help plant spring flowers, clean the house and yard, walk the dog or wash the car. You could even create a coupon book with funny vouchers your mom can trade in for assistance all year long.
  • Personalized Gifts. The varieties of items that can be engraved with a personal message for your mother are endless.  Choose a decorative knick knack or something functional she can use every day.  She will think of you with a smile when she sees it.
  • Perennial Favorites. A thoughtfully chosen Mother’s Day card, flowers and candy never go out of style.  Don’t forget to include a personal note that expresses your appreciation for her. It will likely become a keepsake your mom reads over and over.  Fresh flowers provide cheerful color and, let’s face it, candy and sweets are almost always welcome.
  • Spend the Day Together. Plan a day with your mom doing things she enjoys.  Go out for a meal at her favorite restaurant, watch old movies, play cards or board games. Go shopping or share the latest gossip over a good cup of coffee.  The most important present you can give your mother might simply be the gift of your time and undivided attention.


Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Mom Has Alzheimer's Disease

If your mother suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, she may be most comfortable with quiet activities in familiar surroundings.  On Mother’s Day, take the celebration to her.

Keep commotion and noise to a minimum and plan your visit during a time when she is rested and most alert.  Express your devotion through meaningful touch—brushing her hair or massaging fragrant lotion onto her hands will make you both feel closer.

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