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Form 602: What California Residents Need to Know | Elmcroft

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Form 602: What California Residents Need to Know
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Form 602: What California Residents Need To Know

October 19, 2020

When it’s time to transition your loved one to assisted living, there are many factors to consider and steps to take to ensure it’s a smooth experience that will ultimately benefit their safety and quality of life. From having conversations about why it may be the right time to move, to choosing a community with the location and amenities your loved one desires, to helping them sell their current house and move all their belongings – you’re sure to be busy. But if your loved one has chosen an assisted living community in California, there is another important step you must take.  a person writing with a pen A physician’s report, known as Form 602, must be completed for all residents, or prospective residents, of residential care facilities for the elderly licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

What Is Form 602? 

Form 602 is a state-required physician’s report that lets assisted living communities know what care, medication and other considerations the potential resident needs. It includes a patient history, results from a physical and mental medical examination, and results of a tuberculosis skin test or chest X-ray. 

Which Elmcroft Communities Require This Form? 

Those who wish to live in Elmcroft’s Las Villas del Norte, Grossmont Gardens, Elmcroft of La Mesa, Las Villas de Carlsbad, Elmcroft of Point Loma or Mountview Senior Living communities will need to present the physician-completed Form 602.

Your Loved One’s Primary Care Physician Completes the Form

A primary care physician should complete Form 602 because they will typically have the most familiarity with your loved one’s medical history, health status, current medications and capabilities. It can take some time for physicians to return these forms. That’s why it is important to make an appointment for a Form 602 assessment as early in your decision-making process as possible. 

When you make an appointment with your loved one’s primary care physician, mention that the purpose is to complete the physician’s report, Form 602, as these appointments can take extra time.  

Where Can You Find Form 602? 

You can download Form 602 from the California Department of Social Services website here. Then, bring it with you to your loved one’s physician for completion. 

Make Sure the Form Is Filled Out Accurately and Submitted on Time 

Having a complete, accurate Form 602 in-hand is essential for settling your loved one in a new community that fits their care requirements, personal preferences and budgetary needs. Once the Form 602 assessment appointment is complete, check in with the office on the form’s progress, emphasizing that you’ll need it back in a timely manner in order to move forward. 

Some items on the form need special physician clarification, such as a clear differentiation between mild cognitive impairment versus dementia, the patient’s capacity for elements of personal care and medication management, and whether the senior can safely leave the community with or without assistance. The form is designed to enlighten the residential care community about the resident’s current medical conditions and capabilities so that it can provide the best possible care and supervision for your loved one.  

All boxes and items on the form need to be filled out. If the physician makes a mistake on the form, they must correct it on the form, sign next to the correction and attach a new page explaining the change. 

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