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Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Try in the Spring

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Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Try in the Spring
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Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Try in the Spring

April 30, 2021

After being indoors during the winter months, seniors can now start to enjoy an array of outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer. In this article we share some of our favorite senior spring activities and the mental and physical benefits of going outside. 

an elderly man in the outdoors with a pair of binoculars

The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Spring activities for older adults that involve getting outside and engaging in exercise can have many positive impacts — physically and mentally. Exercise helps seniors promote physical health, boost immune systems and combat illness and injury. Endorphins and fresh air can also lower stress levels and provide mental clarity. Even more, outdoor activities tend to be great socialization opportunities, and sun exposure can increase vitamin D levels, which are key to maintaining healthy bones, teeth and muscles. 

Ideas for Springtime Outdoor Activities

Adopting a regular exercise routine, such as long walks around the neighborhood, water aerobics classes or spending time outside with grandchildren, can lead to great benefits. There are plenty of outdoor exercises for seniors that don’t include high-impact exercises like jogging or running. 

Take a Walk Through the Park

Walking through a park is a great way to get exercise, take in beautiful surroundings and enjoy nature. Try different paths to mix up your route and take advantage of every section of the park.

Go Fishing

Fishing outings are great spring activities for elderly people seeking to enjoy nature. Whether it’s an old pastime or a new hobby, fishing allows seniors to spend time outdoors and socialize with friends and family. Remember to bring snacks and water as fishing requires a fair amount of patience. 

Swim Laps or Take a Water Aerobics Class

Water sports can be wonderful gentle exercises for seniors. Exercising in water provides the same benefits as exercising in a gym, but it is easier on the joints. Spending time in water can also very relaxing and calming. 

Go on a Bike Ride

Bike rides can be leveraged for a multitude of reasons — for exercise, mental clarity or transportation. Bike rides are great spring activities for senior citizens to enjoy the outdoors and cover more ground than taking the same route by foot. Consider riding to a friend’s house, the farmers’ market or around a lake. 

Take an Outdoor Yoga Class

Yoga classes are popular ways to clear the mind, move the body, avoid injury and reduce stress. Spring is the perfect time to take an outdoor yoga class and reap those benefits, while also enjoying fresh air. Elmcroft communities offer outside yoga activities during this time of year. 

Play Tennis

With the option of playing with a partner or with a group, tennis is a versatile sport. It’s a great outdoor exercise for seniors because it doesn’t rely on the strength of the player and is a low impact sport. 

Go Birdwatching 

Birdwatching, one of the more popular outdoor activities during COVID,  is still a good way to enjoy fresh air and socialize with others who share the hobby. Remember to bring binoculars and consider inviting a bird guide to enhance the experience. 

Play Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are great spring activities for senior citizens. From bocce ball and croquet to cards and board games, engaging in competition outside provides endless opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

Go to the Driving Range or Mini Golf

Another category of exercises for older adults involves the golf course. Whether it’s hitting balls on the driving range or engaging in healthy competition with friends over mini golf, it’s a good way to enjoy the outdoors while keeping the mind and body active. 

Play with your Grandchildren

Grandchildren are the perfect inspiration for outdoor fun. From taking little ones to the park, having a picnic to playing in the yard , spending time playing outside with grandchildren is a special way for you all to get moving, make memories and enjoy time together.

Learn More About Exercises for Seniors

Elmcroft is committed to resident health and wellbeing. Our Vitality Wellness Club aims to meet six components of a healthy and happy retirement life: physical, social, cognitive/intellectual, emotional, spiritual and leisure. Through the Vitality Club program, Elmcroft enhances the daily living environment in every community and equips residents with everything they need to continue achieving healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyles. 

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