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Senior Fitness Programs

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Fitness Programs for Seniors
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Senior Fitness Programs

May 21, 2021

Adopting a regular exercise routine, whether that means long walks around the neighborhood, water aerobics classes or following recorded exercise videos, can lead to great benefits. No matter how you exercise, staying active is key to preventing injury, minimizing stress and promoting overall health and wellness. Learn about the variety of exercise programs seniors can use to design a fitness routine that works best for them. 

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How to Start an Exercise Routine as a Senior

The first step to beginning a new workout routine is consulting with a physician to review health histories and physical ailments and discuss what exercises to focus on. Next, seniors should explore programs that suit their specific interests. Yoga might be a great option for those looking to improve flexibility and strength, while aerobics is fun for those who enjoy working out at a quicker pace. 

Different Types of Exercise Programs for Seniors

From walking and low-impact cardio to lifting weights and yoga, there are many ways for seniors to reap the benefits of exercise. We find the best way to start seniors exercising is to find an activity that feels good or sounds exciting. Finding a workout or a variety of exercises that are fun will go a long way in motivating seniors to stay active everyday. 

Group Classes

Seniors who crave support and being with other people tend to thrive in group exercise classes. From chair yoga to water aerobics, group workout classes feature instruction and support from a trained professional, while peer interaction provides motivation and socialization. 

Personal Training

Personal training, on the other hand, features a one-on-one or small group dynamic with an instructor. Personal training provides a customized exercise program, and many trainers have specific expertise to lead senior fitness programs. 

Online/DVD Programs

Digital programs can be great exercise for assisted living residents. From the comfort of your room, online and DVD exercise programs can be completed anytime. These workouts are ideal for seniors who like to exercise alone or on their own time, such as an early morning stretch exercise program. 

Assisted Living Exercise Programs

Group exercise classes for assisted living communities are a fun way to try different options. A schedule of varied group classes allows seniors to engage in their favorite exercise and experience new workouts. One of many community living perks, assisted living exercise activities help seniors stay fit, socialize and have fun with other residents.

Consult a Doctor Before Practicing a New Exercise Routine

Before beginning a new workout program, seniors should consult a medical professional to ensure it’s safe and impactful for their health journey. Seniors should let their doctor know about recent injuries or pain they might be experiencing.

Learn More About Senior Fitness Programs

Elmcroft helps residents maintain healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyles. Our Vitality Club is a senior wellness program that aims to meet six components of a healthy and happy retirement life: physical, social, cognitive/intellectual, emotional, spiritual and leisure. Through carefully designed programs, including group exercise classes, the Vitality Club promotes healthy living in all of our communities. 

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