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Video Calling for Seniors

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Best Video Calling Platforms for Seniors
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Video Calling for Seniors

May 27, 2021

Connecting virtually with loved ones and friends is a great way to stay in touch when you can’t be together in person. Video conferencing for seniors allows families to not miss a beat when it comes to celebrating special occasions or engaging in daily conversations. Virtual calls also offer a safe way for people to stay connected throughout illness, injury and the COVID-19 pandemic. From FaceTime to Zoom, there’s a senior video chat platform to suit every need. 

an elderly woman video chatting with a younger woman

The Best Video Calling Platforms for Seniors 

Seniors can determine the best video calling platform based on what works best with their smartphone, tablet, or computer. They should also consider which platform their loved ones use frequently for ease and accessibility. Read on to explore a variety of platforms that offer simple video calling for the elderly.   


A popular video chat platform, Zoom allows users to schedule virtual chats or meetings with another user or large groups of people. This platform can be used on a desktop computer or a phone for an easy video chat for seniors who want to see a large number of family members all at once or schedule recurring virtual calls. 


When it comes to the best video chat for seniors, Skype is another great option. Compatible with both phones and computers, this platform offers a number of helpful features, such as live subtitles. Plus, video calls can be made without downloading an application. 


FaceTime offers simple video calling for elderly individuals with Apple iPhones. Seniors can open the app that is programmed into their phones and video call from their contact list. 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another video calling device for elderly people who have Facebook profiles. Users can easily video chat with their friends on Facebook to instantly connect virtually. Facebook Messenger also allows users to see which friends are online or readily available for chatting.

Video calling platforms offer a free and easy way for seniors to stay in touch with their support systems. Seniors can try a variety of options to find the platform that suits them best.

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