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Assisted Living Articles
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an elderly couple walking with their dog in nature
  • Fall is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors and stay cozy indoors. Get ideas on fun and festive Fall activities for seniors including Halloween.

a woman reassuring her elderly mother and smiling READ MORE
an elderly woman video chatting with a younger woman
  • Video calling platforms are a great way for seniors to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Learn about the best video calling platforms for seniors.  

an elderly woman in a wheelchair in the bike lane READ MORE
a doctor on the phone READ MORE
a person writing with a pen READ MORE
Elmcroft Senior Living workers to keep residents safe during COVID-19 READ MORE
Two Seniors Walking outside on a Walking Path
  • Walking regularly can have a positive impact on the health of seniors, from maintaining a healthy weight to strengthening muscles. Discover the benefits of walking at Elmcroft.

Senior Couple outside in the Fall
  • Finding the right assisted living facility can be particularly challenging for senior couples because elderly spouses sometimes need differing levels of care. Learn how Elmcroft makes it easier for senior couples to move into assisted living facilities together.

Elderly Man Holding Chin READ MORE
French Bulldog sleeping READ MORE
Emergency Preparedness for Seniors READ MORE
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