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Caregiver Articles
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Image of Ham Sandwich with Avocado
  • The Sandwich Generation faces the stresses and issues that come with taking care of both their parents as well as their children. Find out more at Elmcroft.

GPS Trackers for Elderly
  • Seniors suffering from dementia and other memory-related illnesses can often become difficult to locate. Get information on the GPS trackers and watches available and how they can help ensure the safety of seniors living alone and provide peace of mind for caregivers and families.

Elderly Hand in hospital bed being held by visitor READ MORE
Senior man brushing his teeth
  • Seniors may face embarrassment if they're unable to independently take care of their personal hygiene. Learn how to help your loved one with their hygiene at Elmcroft.

Senior man looking lonely and depressed READ MORE
Farmers Market fruit and vegetables
  • Fatigue is a common problem many caregivers face. Adding these fatigue fighting foods to your diet may increase your energy. Learn more today from Elmcroft Senior Living.

security READ MORE
Community Relations Director sitting down with adult children to prepare for their tour READ MORE
senior woman looking at camera
  • Seniors may try to hide symptoms of dementia because they fear a loss of independence. Learn the first signs of memory loss to protect your loved one today.


senior man in glasses looking at camera READ MORE
Adult daughter and elderly mother
  • Family caregivers deal with a high level of stress and may fall victim to caregiver burnout. Learn about the warning signs and symptoms at Elmcroft.

Senior couple outside in the snow smiling
  • The fall and winter months can be a dangerous time for seniors. Read Elmcroft Senior Living's guide on winter & fall safety tips for seniors, outlining how to stay safe.


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