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Senior Living Dining Articles

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Senior Living Dining Articles
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Three elderly men enjoying coffee
  • There are many reasons for loss of appetite in seniors: from side effects of medicine to the feeling of loneliness that eating by oneself may bring. Learn more about the underlying reasons for loss of appetite in the elderly and how you can help seniors get back on track with their nutrition.

Farmers Market fruit and vegetables
  • Fatigue is a common problem many caregivers face. Adding these fatigue fighting foods to your diet may increase your energy. Learn more today from Elmcroft Senior Living.

Delicious Pumpkin Puree
  • Who says that a soft food diet needs to be boring? Discover 10 surprisingly delicious, tried & true pureed food recipes for adults & seniors from Elmcroft Senior Living.

Senior with adult daughter in the garden
  • Older adults eating a diet complete with healthy fats and fiber may see a lower risk of diabetes. Learn more about the Mediterranean diet for diabetes.


Senior woman eating breakfast READ MORE
hand writing low sodium with black permanent marker
  • As heart issues affect seniors, a heart-healthy and low sodium diet meal encourages good quality of life with age. Learn how to spice up your diet today!


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