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Senior Living Dining Articles

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Senior Living Dining Articles
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Farmers Market fruit and vegetables
  • Fatigue is a common problem many caregivers face. Adding these fatigue fighting foods to your diet may increase your energy. Learn more today from Elmcroft Senior Living.

Delicious Pumpkin Puree
  • Who says that a soft food diet needs to be boring? Discover 10 surprisingly delicious, tried & true pureed food recipes for adults & seniors from Elmcroft Senior Living.

Senior with adult daughter in the garden
  • Older adults eating a diet complete with healthy fats and fiber may see a lower risk of diabetes. Learn more about the Mediterranean diet for diabetes.


Senior woman eating breakfast READ MORE
hand writing low sodium with black permanent marker
  • As heart issues affect seniors, a heart-healthy and low sodium diet meal encourages good quality of life with age. Learn how to spice up your diet today!


spoon full of sugar
  • What are the negative effects of sugar consumption? A study conducted at the Nature Works Best alternative cancer clinic demonstrated a significant difference in remission rates between cancer patients who consumed sugar and did not.


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