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Senior Finances & Money Management Articles

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Senior Finances & Money Management Articles
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Older Woman holding piggy bank
  • Do you have a feeling your aging parent can no longer maintain their own finances due to memory loss or forgetfulness? Discover how to take over your parents' finances at Elmcroft.

Hand signing a letter
  • Before agreeing to be the agent for a loved one’s power of attorney, you must know the legal and financial responsibilities that come with this duty. Learn more at Elmcroft.

Two elderly people sitting on a bench overlooking the sea
  • Family members and caretakers should have knowledge on advance health care directives and how you and your family can work to create one. Learn more at Elmcroft.

Senior looking at social media with caregiver
  • What is elder financial abuse and exploitation? You may not believe it, but the number of reports of financial exploitation of the elderly have grown substantially in the past few decades. Elmcroft has compiled ways for you to spot the warning signs and prevent elder financial abuse. Learn more here.

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