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Senior Health & Wellness Articles

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Senior Health & Wellness Articles
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Two Seniors Riding Bikes on a Nice Day READ MORE
Group of senior women sitting on a bench
  • UTIs in the elderly can often present differently than in younger adults. Learn about the signs, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of UTIs in the elderly at Elmcroft.

Holiday cookies and cinnamon READ MORE
Senior Woman Wearing Glasses, staring off into space READ MORE
Senior man in hospital with walker READ MORE
Up close of elderly man's face READ MORE
Greetings from Austin, Texas READ MORE
Senior couple outside in the snow smiling
  • The fall and winter months can be a dangerous time for seniors. Read Elmcroft Senior Living's guide on winter & fall safety tips for seniors, outlining how to stay safe.


water being poured into a glass READ MORE
Woman blowing her nose.
  • Flu shot season brings many questions from seniors and their family caregivers. Use Elmcroft's flu shot FAQ to help guide your family this winter season.


two senior women talking up-close
  • Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting 1 million Americans. Read for more facts about Parkinson's disease and what symptoms to watch for.


senior woman in wheelchair smiling READ MORE
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