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Alzheimer's & Dementia Articles

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Alzheimer's & Dementia Articles
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Carrots and Broccoli cooked together on a plate
  • Foods like nuts and fish have been linked to boosting memory and improving brain health for seniors. Learn more about these foods and incorporating them into your diet from Elmcroft.

Seniors doing hand stress exercises
  • Validation Therapy is an empathetic method of communicating with a memory-impaired senior. Find out how validation therapy can help your loved one living with dementia at Elmcroft.

Senior Woman Daydreaming
  • Managing and preventing diabetes can play an important role in the prevention of Alzheimer's and other memory-related diseases. Find out more at Elmcroft.

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Group of seniors outside in the sun singing with a guitar
  • Music is the universal language and is used worldwide to comfort those with dementia. Elmcroft has compiled the benefits and effects that music has for dementia patients, as well as what songs may resonate with your loved one, from golden oldies to Broadway musical hits. Learn more!

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senior woman looking at camera READ MORE
senior woman looking at camera
  • Seniors may try to hide symptoms of dementia because they fear a loss of independence. Learn the first signs of memory loss to protect your loved one today.


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Adult Senior Smiling and talking to Adult Daughter
  • While receiving a diagnosis of dementia can prove to be a difficult and emotional time, it is important to consider what to do next. Continue reading for guidance from Elmcroft Senior Living on what steps you should follow next.

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