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What is Senior Living?

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What is Senior Living?

Senior living communities have much to offer. The benefits of assisted living range from providing assistance with basic hygiene needs to helping older adults build new friendships. The availability of amenities and services make living in a senior community a healthy choice.


Exploring the Health and Wellness Benefits of Senior Living


Daily Living Needs

When a senior loved one requires help with daily living activities, but still lives at home, the responsibility for their care is often assumed by a family member or by employing a home care aide. Assisted living communities are specifically designed to provide the support seniors need to continue to live as independent a lifestyle as possible.


Physical Activity

To encourage physical activity and fitness, many senior communities offer:

  • Exercise classes
  • Fitness equipment
  • Heated, indoor swimming pool
  • Wellness programs 

Some communities even have in-house trainers to help older adults create a senior-friendly fitness program of their own.


Life enrichment activities

Maintaining social relationships can be difficult when living at home, especially for those seniors who live alone. Senior communities offer opportunities for socialization by providing planned activities and outings, such as:

  • Field trips to museums, zoos and local farmer’s markets
  • Cultural events on campus and off
  • Shopping trips to local malls and stores      

Seniors are also encouraged to participate in daily activities that are typically offered in the community’s common areas. These events boost social interaction by providing fun and interesting things to do, and may include programs like:

  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Game nights
  • Movie nights
  • Special interest groups like watercolor painting and scrapbooking

Opportunities for intellectual stimulation are also provided for. Many communities offer interesting learning choices that include, for example:

  • Book club
  • Computer classes
  • Art classes
  • Gardening groups

Communities located near a college campus often have arrangements with the school to offer their seniors the ability to utilize campus resources, which may include, for instance, the library, courses, and cultural events.



One of the challenges many seniors face stems from the lack of proper nutrition. It happens for many reasons including:

  • Lack of transportation to the grocery store
  • Loss of appetite, sometimes the result of medication side effects
  • Not following their physician-recommended special diet
  • Cooking for one seems like too much trouble 

Senior living communities have the ability to offer not only nutritionally balanced meals, but meals designed for those with specific medical conditions. Most communities provide three daily meals along with healthy snacks throughout the day.



When a senior begins to struggle with driving, the loss of transportation can present a hardship. Losing their independence and having to rely on friends and family for transportation to appointments and for shopping can create unhealthy stress. Senior living communities provide transportation services for routine outings, as well as special appointments.


Home Maintenance and Housekeeping

Caring for a home is a lot of work. As we grow older, maintenance becomes more difficult, repairs are delayed, and routine housekeeping needs sometimes overlooked.  Living in a senior community where these tasks are done for residents can help decrease stress and the risk of injury.

Resources to Help You Get Started 

Activities & Programs

Elmcroft encourages seniors to become involved in the wellness and life enrichment activities that occur every day in our communities. Read up on some activities you can expect to find!

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Know Your Needs

With basic needs provided for in a senior living community, seniors can be free to explore options that they might not have been able to prioritize in the past.

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Financial Guidance

People are often surprised to find out that senior living is more affordable than other alternatives! Continue reading to learn more about various options available.

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