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What is a Senior Assisted Living Facility?

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What is a Senior Assisted Living Facility?

Elmcroft Assisted Living residents know that aging doesn’t mean limiting independence. That’s because we provide dependable comfort, care and service for our residents, 24 hours a day, every day. The extra support that comes with living in our assisted living communities means residents have the freedom to plan and enjoy the many activities available here, and to engage in their comfortable routines carefree.


What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities provide residents with long-term care. Seniors get housing, meals and social support, plus assistance managing medication and doing life’s daily activities. Assisted living is tailored to each senior and can change as their needs change, always with the goal of helping the individual maintain independence.


Elmcroft Assisted Living communities provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment to help seniors stay as independent as safely possible while maintaining their privacy, dignity and autonomy. That means that support is provided for particular needs such as medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation. Residents of Elmcroft Assisted Living communities appreciate the staff, programs and amenities in place that ensure happiness, security and engagement.


Assisted living is just one senior care option. Others include:

  • Memory care: This type of care provides skilled nursing for residents experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss disorders beyond the normal effects of aging that someone in assisted living might experience.
  • Skilled nursing facilities/nursing homes: These facilities cater to residents with serious health issues. They usually look more like a hospital or clinic and consist of shared bedrooms and bathrooms, compared to assisted living communities in which residents may have private apartments or suites.
  • Home care: This type of care takes place in a senior’s home or the home of a family member, but it doesn’t provide the social support or 24/7 help of assisted living.

Assisted living is usually the least expensive of these options, which is important to consider because Medicare and Medicaid help seniors pay for medical costs, but they do not cover the costs of living in an assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing facility, or of hiring home care aids.

Who Can Live in an Assisted Living Facility?

More than 700,000 Americans live in assisted living communities. Most of these individuals are seniors in fair or better health who can manage daily life on their own for the most part, but who would benefit from help with activities like using the toilet, bathing, dressing, grooming or eating. It’s common for assisted living residents to need help with one to three of these types of activities daily, but each person is different. Some require less help, while others require more help. 

Some seniors need more intensive care than assisted living facilities can provide. People who experience dementia, aggression, wandering, significant mobility issues, unmanageable incontinence or other serious health issues that require care from a licensed nurse may find that Elmcroft Memory Care or a nursing home is a good fit for them.

 Comfortable and Welcoming Surroundings
Elmcroft Assisted Living facilities take comfort to a new level. We consider all the details to ensure our residents have a carefree life. Our living spaces – both indoor and out – are professionally designed for maximum comfort.

Apartments and suites, which are laid out with privacy in mind to respect the dignity of our residents, can be decorated with family mementos and cherished keepsakes to make them welcoming and cozy. Tasty meals are prepared by a professional culinary staff, and restaurant-style table service by our courteous waitstaff is an important part of pleasant mealtime experiences. Plus, Elmcroft happily takes care of all the necessary chores, like housekeeping, maintenance, food preparation and laundry.

We prioritize our residents’ personal needs and preferences to ensure they enjoy each day. For those who like being active and social, we provide options for involvement in games, outings and more. There’s live entertainment for group enjoyment. And for those who prefer to keep to themselves, we provide plenty of quiet nooks and spaces for reading, puzzles or solo activities.


Coordinated Medical Care

When residents require specific medical support, such as physical therapy, dental care or specialists, we coordinate with their providers and provide the transportation to and from appointments. Local physicians visit our communities to make healthcare even more convenient, and our 24-hour resident care and nursing staff work to make sure our residents stay safe and well.


Personal Care Even When Needs Change

We focus on the individual resident, providing the care and support necessary to meet their individual needs. Because we know our residents as the individuals they are, we are able to transition care as needed. That may mean some short-term additional care if an illness happens, extra support to help regain strength and ability, or tailored services to accommodate personal preferences. At Elmcroft Assisted Living residences, care levels automatically change as individual needs change.


Compassionate Caregivers

Our staff are fully trained to help with all personal care needs day and night, so our assisted living residents can enjoy a comfortable, safe and happy life. Those needs can include incontinence and medication management as well as dressing, bathing and eating. Sometimes that personal care means providing a listening ear or an encouraging word. And we’re there to help our residents engage in any of our fun daily activities.

But what really makes our assisted living staff unique is their heartfelt desire to lovingly care for our residents and help them live as independently as possible. We are proud that many of our assisted living staff are longtime employees and our residents consider them family.

Benefits of Moving to an Elmcroft Assisted Living Community
Elmcroft Assisted Living communities offer all the comforts of home with a full range of amenities and personalized care options to meet the individual needs of our residents. Benefits of moving to an Elmcroft Assisted Living community include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Elmcroft Assisted Living can be less expensive than home health or nursing care at home.
  • Peace of mind: Professional support and care are delivered around the clock and adjusted as residents’ needs change.
  • Independence: Residents maintain autonomy over their daily lives.
  • Safety: Safe independence is maximized with 24-hour security and emergency call technology

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