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Common Questions about Independent Living for Seniors

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Common Questions About Independent Living for Seniors

A popular type of senior housing is one designed for more active older adults. Independent living communities free seniors from the burdens of home ownership, while also providing a variety of life enrichment activities and programs.


Below we answer some of the most common questions older adults have about independent living.

Questions & Answers

A:  Instead of supporting the activities of daily living like an assisted living community does, an independent living community is designed to free older adults from the burdens of owning and maintaining a home.

These maintenance-free communities usually offer services to make life easier for seniors, such as housekeeping, laundry, meal programs, and transportation. This gives residents an opportunity to participate in what is typically a robust calendar of daily events, to travel and to spend more time with the grandkids!

A:  Because independent living communities vary so greatly in what they offer, so too do the prices. Some communities offer smaller apartments and more basic amenities. Others offer large, luxurious apartments and grounds, and a rich variety of amenities. 


Most independent senior communities include at least a few amenities (transportations and life enrichment activities), in addition to utilities and basic cable.


Depending upon which type of independent living community a senior selects, independent living costs can range from less than $2,000 a month to as much as $8,000.

A:  Seniors and their families often ask what it means to be able to live independently. This is another area that can vary from community to community. Most independent living communities consider seniors who can care for themselves with minimal assistance to be candidates for independent living. 


If an older adult begins to require support with medication management or the activities of daily living, it might become necessary to transition to an assisted living level of care.

A: When you are first starting to explore senior living options, figuring out how an assisted living community is different than an independent living community  might not be obvious. But there are marked differences.

Assisted living is likely the best choice for an older adult who requires some assistance with daily activities and/or medication, but doesn’t need continuous medical care or supervision.

By contrast, an independent senior living community is designed to promote an active lifestyle. Social activities, maintenance, housekeeping services and on-site amenities make these communities highly desirable.

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