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Common Questions About Personal Care

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Common Questions About Personal Care

Families who are searching for a senior care option for a loved one aren’t always aware of one of their options. Called a personal care facility or a residential care home in some states, they are small communities that look more like a private home.


Because they are typically located in residential neighborhoods, it is easy to overlook them. But personal care facilities are an option that works well for many.

Questions & Answers

A:  A personal care facility is a smaller, more home-like setting for older adults. Personal care facilities provide meals and assistance with daily living. They typically do not have a health care professional, such as a nurse, on-site. 


Personal care homes can usually be found tucked away in residential neighborhoods. They usually provide care to 10 or fewer seniors.

A:  The difference between these two types of communities depends upon the state in which you reside. Some states restrict what services a residential care home can offer. Other states allow these smaller communities to offer care and services similar to an assisted living community.


In general, the differences are:

  • Size: Personal care facilities are usually smaller in both size and in the number of residents that can accommodate. They can be an ideal setting for an older adult who may feel overwhelmed at a larger assisted living community.
  • Environment: An assisted living community typically resembles an upscale apartment community. By contrast, a residential care home looks more like a private house. This type of smaller, cozy environment may put older adults at ease.
  • All Inclusive: Residential care homes usually offer all-inclusive pricing. This makes it easier for families to budget for expenses. One bundled fee likely includes lodging, meals, life enrichment activities and assistance with tasks of daily living.
  • Staff-Resident Ratios: Another advantage of a personal care facility is the staff typically has fewer residents to care for. This allows the caregiver to get to know the resident and their needs better.   

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