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There are many questions to consider as you navigate all the options for independent living, assisted living and memory care. Helpful words and valuable insight from seniors and families who have made similar decisions can assist you in the decision-making process and make all the difference. We sat down with some of our Elmcroft residents and their adult children to talk about why they turned to senior living. 

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Navigating The Process As a Caregiver

Every senior living journey is unique. Sometimes seniors initiate the decision themselves and other times adult children caregivers must broach the subject. While some seniors want to stay in their home forever, there may come a time when it is no longer safe to do so — and the stress and fear can be all consuming for their loved ones. 
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Finding the right senior living community can provide relief, peace of mind, care and support that everyone needs. 


Free from yard upkeep and the worries and woes of home ownership, senior living residents can achieve greater independence. 

Empowering Independence

Seniors who struggle with the upkeep of home ownership, find themselves suddenly alone or lonely, or simply don’t want to be weighed down by tedious responsibilities may enjoy the independence and freedom senior living affords.
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Socially Thriving

Creating socialization opportunities that bring joy to residents’ lives and support their overall health is a key priority for senior living. From associate companionship to activities for all levels, the socialization at a senior living community is unmatched. Download our toolkit.


Achieving Peace of Mind

When their parent is happy and thriving in a senior living community, adult children can be reassured and relaxed. This allows them to reclaim their child role and regain the relationship they had with their parent, setting them back on their personal path. Download our toolkit.


A Place To Call Home

Strong resident-associate bonds create home-like atmospheres for senior living community residents. Dedicated and passionate associate care is also essential in reassuring adult children that their loved one is being cared for and looked after. Download our toolkit.


Safe & Supported

Safety and support are two of the most important elements we seek throughout life, especially as we age. When your loved one lives in a senior living community, you can feel better knowing they’re safe. Download our toolkit.

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Adding Value

Instead of worrying about finances and unexpected expenses, senior living residents can focus on making the most of each day with new activities, events and people — not to mention the opportunities to indulge in lifelong passions and hobbies because they finally have the time to do so. Download our toolkit.

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