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Second Wind Dreams

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Second Wind Dreams®

Our residents have hopes and dreams, just like anyone else. That’s why we work to help make those dreams a reality. We get to know our residents on a personal level, talking and sharing memories. When a longed-for experience is identified, our Second Wind Dreams program works to make that experience a reality. What do our residents dream of doing? It could be a simple experience like seeing a favorite movie as a Broadway production, or a full-fledged adventure like journeying to Washington, D.C. in an Honor Flight for veterans to see memorials, or a visit from students and athletes of a well-loved alma mater. Making the dreams of our residents come true is just one of our goals to enhance their quality of life.


What Is Second Wind Dreams?

Second Wind Dreams is recognized as the nation’s first organization dedicated to changing society’s perception of seniors by making dreams come true for older adults. It coordinates with Elmcroft assisted living and personal care communities to turn residents’ dreams into reality. Dreams are vast and varied, but mainly fall into five categories:

  • Relationship-based dreams reunite loved ones.

  • Need-based dreams may be the gift of a simple item that improves an elder’s life.

  • Lifelong dreams make major accomplishments, such as participating in a missed prom or visiting a special location, a reality.

  • Dreams for fun, or what are called I-don’t-want-to-grow-up dreams such as a trip to the zoo, prove we never lose the “kid” in us.

  • Dreams to relive past experiences make a trip down memory lane possible.

Dreams Come True

Our residents’ dreams are as vast and varied as their personalities. Once a dream is identified, staff, residents and community volunteers work together to join in the fun of making a dream come true:

  • Visits to special places from long ago

  • Experiences that bring back fond memories

  • Bringing friends or loved ones together for a special celebration


Benefits of Second Wind Dreams at Elmcroft Communities

Elmcroft assisted living and personal care communities are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our residents. That’s why the Second Wind Dreams program is a perfect complement to all of our services. Second Wind Dreams delivers important benefits, including:

  • Improved quality of life

  • Enhanced relationships with family, friends and staff

  • Connection between residents and the community at large


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